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Purretty in Polyester Bridesmaid Dress Snuffle Mat

Purretty in Polyester Bridesmaid Dress Snuffle Mat

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Fur-ever a bridesmaid, nev-fur a bride.

Our newest snuffle mat takes inspurration from the biggest, poofiest, pinkest bridesmaid dresses around. (without a rash from the stiff fabrics)

Benefits of a snuffle mat

  • Stimulate foraging and digging instincts
  • Slow feed your pet their treats
  • burn off energy while earning rewards
  • keep the kitties busy
  • fun to watch for the hoomans

Tricks of the trade: Pinch the corners of the mat upwards to create a 'cup' pour in some treats then flatten out and place on the floor. The treats should fall into the folds and lips.

Designed in Canada by Everstar for meowbox. Made in China. Contains Catnip

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