Catit Nibbly Chicken & Liver

Catit Nibbly Chicken & Liver

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Snacktime for cats has never been easier with Catit Nibbly Chicken & Liver treats! These artisan cat treats are made with real chicken and liver, providing your cat with a delicious and healthy snack. Keep your cat happy and healthy with Catit Nibbly Chicken and Liver treats!

Catit Nibbly treats are artisanally baked on a tray to ensure unique cookies full of tasty goodness. The treats are packed with high quality ingredients and fortified with taurine.

  • Made with delicious, human-grade ingredients
  • Does not contain corn, wheat or soy
  • Packed with high-quality meat, rich in amino acids
  • Fortified with taurine

Expires 05/01/2024